As an Associate Project Manager at AOA, Brad is responsible for managing all aspects of our clients' projects, from the beginning of the design phase continuing to the completion of the construction. Brad is detail oriented and manages projects with a “Hands On” approach.

Brad brings more than 20 years of diverse experience managing high end commercial and residential projects. Currently Brad is responsible for managing the newest addition to the RCID Pedestrian Bridge fleet across Lake Buena Vista Drive, with the largest span clearing over 240 feet.  The majority involve entire historic restorations working within the strict confines of historic district requirements, all while maintaining the craftsmanship without compromising the architectural heritage and bringing in under budget and on time.  In addition to Project management, Brad brings years of experience in business development working successfully to develop a diverse customer bases and consistently exceeding all revenue and customer acquisition goals.


​Brad's past  leadership, project management skills, and ability to nurture and grow client relationships has allowed him seamlessly  transition to the AOA team and take on more diverse responsibilities.


 Brad Duncan

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