EJ VanderVoort

As an Executive in the US Army he was responsible for a seventy soldiers, critical operations team with immediate worldwide development capabilities. In addition to advising the commander, he provided training and risk management. He ensured readiness in supply, maintenance, training, quality assurance, and equipment valued at over $16M through major training events.  EJ was rated in the top 10% among 31 officers.  With seven years of strategic-based leadership for the US Army, EJ is a success driven, focused military veteran with strong leadership abilities.


As a Logistics Manager for the US Army, EJ trained an eighteen-solider team capable of providing its own security while conducting resupply/logistic missions based on environment terrain, time, and personnel available. He led equipment and recovery program that saved the company over $150,000, while also validating company standard operating procedures in convoy operations.


Combined with prior army work in bar/restaurant/nightclub management, and theatrical direction he provides unique insight and leadership to ambitious projects.

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