To have a successful career of over thirty-five years in the themed entertainment construction industry like Jeffrey, one must be considered a well-organized manager who can prioritize goals and working under deadlines without sacrificing creativity.  With much success, Jeffrey is considered a leader in the industry with a track record for quality work and overall superiority in project supervision.  


Jeffrey has over twenty years in the development of Disney parks from Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland leading projects in roles like General Foreman, Superintendent, Construction Manager and Project Manager.


As a lead Construction Manager / Project Manager for Shanghai Disneyland, Jeffery was expected to be competent in working within project budgets, and meeting and exceeding client expectations for the best guest experience.  From 2014- 2016, Jeffrey reported directly to Disney Construction Directors in Shanghai, where his projects were consistently on track with both budget and schedule expectations. He was very adept in revising current processes for improvement of operations, and always promoting safety to minimize costly impacts to his clients.  Jeffrey was an extremely valuable assets to the aggressive nature of this project, and many others, and continues to build his stellar track record within the industry.

Jeffrey Hahn


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