Since 1987, Kenneth has been gaining experience and knowledge in the construction industry.    Working for the Buena Vista Construction Company for over twenty years, Kenneth has planned  and organized work to be done for all site vendors on his projects, has been responsible for all construction layouts of buildings and walls, performed daily take-offs on materials, inspected and resolved all issues with the appropriate measures by utilizing internal and vendor manpower and meeting with all trade foreman, supervisors and project managers to discuss and resolve all project issues to keep all projects on time and on budget.


During Kenneth’s time consulting with Walt Disney Imagineering for Hong Kong Disneyland in 2004, he successfully organized and directed the projects he was involved on by assisting in scheduling of each projects budgeted time to meet specific deadlines.  He also conferred with supervisory personnel, contractors and the design team to discuss and resolve work procedures in maneuvering through issues during construction and performed inspections for all work that was completed on a daily basis.


Kenneth also spent about nine months in Shanghai, China, as a construction management consultant for Shanghai Disneyland.  Inspecting all exterior facade work for the contractor, approving final installation of all GRC, GRP and FRP scopes and working closely with the architects and project managers to solve on site problems while maintaining the project scheduling were his main tasks while supporting Walt Disney Imagineering in Shanghai. 


Ken Kolczycki

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