Lanie is a project coordinator with a background in mechanical and quality engineering. Prior to joining our AOA team, Lanie worked her way through college at the University of Central Florida where she studied Mathematics with a concentration in Engineering and Physics, as well as Mechanical Engineering.

Since then, Lanie has assumed several engineering roles with Disney under the Disney Professional Internship. As a Quality Engineering intern, Lanie was able to create, update, and maintain attraction job plans, support the Tier II Audit program for 10 different attractions across Disney property, and complete an overhaul of an attraction job plan corrective involving drawing updates and verbiage and procedural changes.  She then continued on to intern with Magic Kingdom Engineering Services, where she was able to take initiative to create and update job plans for Magic Kingdom attractions, design and create a special tool to make it easier for lap bar adjustments, and participate in many attraction downtimes across Magic Kingdom in order to absorb as much information about attraction mechanical systems and controls as she could.  Lanie was also given a unique opportunity to work with the Walt Disney Imagineering Special Effects team where she was brought in to work on the complete mechanical redesign of a sign in Magic Kingdom.  Along with her counterparts, Lanie designed, modeled, 3D printed, and eventually built a full-scale prototype of this mechanism.

As a project coordinator here at AOA, Lanie utilizes all her knowledge and experience she has accumulated working with some of the foremost leaders of the industry to successfully carry out projects from start to finish.

 Lanie Greer



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