Mike Ostendorf brings over 25 years of hospitality and turn-key entertainment project management experience to every AOA client having managed over $4 billion in project value. He adds immeasurable value at the emanation of a project by informing the client of the inevitable risks and obstacles that must be addressed during the project lifecycle. Mike leads the executive project team as the client’s trusted advisor, providing clear navigation through the constant constructive adaptability that is required to build themed environments. Having served as Chief Operating Officer of The Ginn Company, Vice President of Project Management for the Cumming Corporation and Senior Project Manager for Walt Disney Imagineering, Mike has a diverse background to apply to any new endeavor anywhere in the world.  From the board room, to the drafting tables, to the construction site, Mike understands what it takes to actually realize even the loftiest of creative ideas and streamline them to successful projects and guest experience from all perspectives. It is his multi-faced experience mixed with his passion for finding value in every complex challenge that makes him an exceptional leader as the CEO of AOA.  


“With trust, empowerment and transparency as the foundation of a project team, success is inevitable.  Nothing can stand your way when a team trusts each other and works in a synchronized way towards a common goal.”  Mike Ostendorf

Mike Ostendorf


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