Project Management

Delivering balance is something in which our team takes pride – it is our passion.  We push the envelope of our imaginations.  We think through the realities required to build, operate and promote each creation.  Our standards are high.  To us, a successful project performs beyond the dreams of both our guests and our clients.


When we reach these moments of achievement, it inspires our spirits and uplifts our sense of purpose and ambition.  But managing this process is a complex orchestration.  An effective pre-development project must identify the right instruments and expertise to deliver efficiency and an executable plan.  When done right, this plan is a comprehensive and beautiful piece of work in its own right.


We begin by selecting the best-suited team – a blend of dreamers, strategists and executers.  Our team members respect one another’s practices, and understand the importance and context of their contributions.  We work together to lay out a well-vetted plan that also provides an appropriate level of adaptability from day one until opening day.

The Plan

Phase I

We lay the groundwork for all projects by analyzing its feasibility. Through workshops and think-tank discussions, we will help to identify your goals and create our initial concepts.

Phase II

In this phase, we set the roadmap for the entire project.  We carefully define our concepts and provide financial estimates and schedules to establish a firm foundation for design.​

Phase III

We will shepherd the project from concept through opening day, with an eye to budget and schedule.  You avoid hidden costs and unexpected delays.  We utilize our road map, concepts and program work to guide and define a thorough design development level.  This will transition through the rest of the design process and translate into successful construction and long term success in the marketplace.​

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