Ryan’s passion for the entertainment industry and machine design has taken him around the world working on special effects, audio animatronics, parade floats, and one-of-a-kind machines. From spitting cobras and dart firing natives in Adventureland, to dancing bears and singing frogs in Disney’s Frontierland, Ryan has helped them all to put on their best show. 


Ryan leveraged his design and engineering experience to allow interdisciplinary teams on opposite sides of the world to integrate designs in a 3D workspace. Utilizing that 3D environment to run in-depth engineering analysis and simulations, he has seen both the strengths and limitations of current technologies. He has also created custom algorithms for business software and for machine control. 

Starting with concept art and ending with on-site integration, Ryan has collaborated with teams like Shanghai Disney, Disneyland Paris, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Universal, and Macys to take projects from concept to opening day. Most recently, Ryan lead the chassis design of the first automated driving stages now at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Ryan Alletag

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